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Why Should I Hire You?

I think this is very rare to ask in reality. However, I already talked about this from my previous blog, HR Job Interview Questions and Instructions. Indeed, on job interview, this can be answered by stating your strength or what could be your edge among the applicant that is relevant to the job, and what can be your contribution that might help the company do better. Market yourself. Explain how you would be an asset to the company. Give several reasons like skills, abilities, and interest. Draws out your strongest point and make differentiation to yourself among the applicant to come up a unique quality within you. But beyond to that, there are various reasons why they hire you. They hire you by these following:
EXPERIENCE - Experience is very essential, especially in the corporate environment where suit and tie dominates the world of business. Experience is a proof of lot of struggle, hard work, inspiration and visions as well as a fat of learning along with your co-workers and with…

Contents and Structures of Your Résumé

The most frequent selection tool that organizations use is the résumé(Cole, 2003). It is the first introduction of applicants, when applying for open positions. (Amundadottir, 2013) Using résumé enable the applicant to put his best foot forward, showing only his good side. (Imbong, 2012)
Job seekers send their résumé to organizations they are interested in. Applicants provide information pertaining to their KSOA‟s (knowledge, skills and other abilities), education and prior work experience in their résumé that recruiters measure and evaluate. There they are screened for information that can be relevant for the organization and/or job positions that are available. It has been suggested in prior research, that résumé content can provide employers a cost effective, convenient, quick and fair selection tool that might predict overall abilities and the likelihood of hiring individuals. (Cole, 2003; Einarsdóttir, 2012). Recruiters use the résumé information to form an opinion regarding…

History of Human Resource Management in the Philippines

(An excerpt from Concepcion Rodil Martires book entitled
"Human Resources Management")
Human resource management started when western capitalist view personnel management seemed not conducive in the twentieth century, as when Information Age dominates the world of business. Historically according to Oliver Sheldon, personnel management was "labour management". Personnel management has limited role only pattern in Industrial Age, where people work more in mass production and the management invest much on machineries rather than towards human asset. The welfare of people is not as important as making profit. Human resource management is the new practices which obliterate traditional personnel management functions, shouldered broader responsibilities for the welfare of its people that make it as integral part of the strategic development of the organization. The history of human resource management in the country is short and not so detailed. It is a relatively new disc…

More Than Human Resource

Human Resource is parenthood-like in the company. Because -if not the same- there are similarities that could associate between the two. Here the HR is the parent and the children are the employee.
For example, children become familiarize to the world s/he living through the efforts made by the parents. Parents introduce the world and teach them nothing but life until them grown-up. Same as in office, aside from orienting the new employees about their duties and responsibilities, the HR together with the immediate senior is oblige to introduce and install to the new employee the company’s core values, vision, and missions, and specially the trainings to be impart into them for probationary period, placement, or for constant Employee Development that aims to advance or to grow as they get long in the organization. And let them realize the organization culture from those who makes the culture such as co-workers and as other seniors in the various department of the company or even the own…

HR Job Interview Questions and Instructions

The key to making a job interview success is preparation. A person who is prepared overcomes tension and nervousness and exudes a peaceful spirit despite pressures in the interview.
I drafted 31 common “Questions and Instructions”. This “Q & I” was extracted from different people behind the virtual world to give you [fresher] an idea on how to formulate your own answers and to keep you away from nerve-racking situation. You must not use them verbatim or adopt them as your own.
Read as follows:
Tell me about yourself. The answer should relate from little personal to professional. Start by stating your education; how your education prepared you for the position, what is your strongest point that could be an asset to the company. Limit your time on answering the question; around two minutes is enough. Be careful your answer not to sound rehearsed. The recruiter is only trying to find out how well you express yourself, so stay who you are and relax.

Why do you want to work for this compan…